RailPlanner V.6

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RailPlanner provides fast, accurate and updated information for the busy traveller who needs to plan complex train journeys. It contains the most up-to-date timetable information on the UK rail and Eurostar services. It is ideal for use on a PC or intranet. With RailPlanner, planning complex rail journeys couldn't be easier.

RailPlanner is suitable for corporate use and is an ideal information source for travel information call centres and businesses. Updates are available by FTP download in single user or network formats.

Flexible Options

RailPlanner subscription service offers three service levels.

   GOLD - For businesses who require the most comprehensive up-to-date information the GOLD service provides monthly updates downloadable from our FTP server, capturing all of the subtle changes to the train timetables throughout the year.

   SILVER - The SILVER service provides bi-monthly updates downloadable from our FTP server. The SILVER service covers the main timetable changes and scheduled engineering works including seasonal changes for Christmas and Easter.

   BRONZE - The BRONZE service provides 4 updates annually, downloadable from our FTP server. The updates include the two main timetable changes at Easter and Christmas.


RailPlanner V.6 offers:

   Enhanced mapping with location labels and a user-friendly Graphical User Interface.
   Additional journey results information.
   "Leg Information" display, featuring a user-friendly calendar format and an earlier and later alternatives display.
   Train Operator Selection facility allowing you to exclude or include only the preferred Train Operating Companies for a journey.
   Traintaxi™ database providing contact information for taxi companies local to a given station.
   Comprehensive, up-to-date rail timetable covering over 8 million rail journeys on the UK and Eurostar network and connecting ferry services.
   Instant access to rail information.
   A powerful and flexible planning system that allows you to tailor the search to suit your needs.


Minimum System Requirements:

   Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4 or XP
   486DX66 Processor
   32MB Ram
   20MB Hard Disk Space

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